“We love Maldon. The longer we are here, the more we love it!”

Maldon ticked all the boxes years ago when we decided to move here. It is very pretty retaining its original victorian streetscape nestled on the side of Mount Tarrengower but as importantly has a thriving community in and around it.

Maldon has a great village atmosphere. If you loiter around you can hear Gary telling Harry about what’s new in their shop; Brad the butcher’s charming smile will make anyone melt; dog groomer Scott will tell you ‘bout poodle Priscillas new nail colour; Barb and Graeme are good for a chat when getting the daily newspaper; the volunteers on the steam train always have a good smile; Mel will give you great service fitting the must have new seasons jeans; …. and there are 36 other more stories to tell.

There’s boutique shops, over a dozen places for a good coffee, great pubs and cafes, antiques and collectables and more…

The links below will take you to official tourist websites that do a great job in telling you about our town, activities, the heritage streetscape, the gold diggings and the nature wonderland all around the town.

  • Great local tourist website: Click Here
  • Victorian Goldfields Railway: Click Here
  • Good Victorian Government tourist info: Click Here
  • Another website that has some good information: Click Here
  • Maldon Inc is Maldons own ‘chamber of commerce’ that has detailed information of the town, businesses and things to do too: Click Here